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> You have a set of skills. Some are 'shapes', and others are
> 'elements'. You have to use a shape with a noun in one of three
> syntaxes to create the name of a spell. You can use any shape with
> any noun. Example:

This is basically Talislanta's magic system, or the Improvisational
oriented magic system from GURP's, and to a degree even Morrowind's
systems.  All were wonderful magical systems for PnP gaming, and I
would expect to see them even MORE powerful and useful in the online
genre.  Personally, I would go for a generic system of skills for
typical spells, and then some sort of "Spell of Legend"...  much
less variable and malleable, but considerably more potent.  For
spell effects that do not seem to "fit" into the regular
categories.... well they are Spells of Legends.  Rare spells from a
time when magic was very different, and considerably more

Some Sample Categories:

  Elements - Fire, Earth, Air, Water
  Sub-Elements - Shadow, Light, Gas, Ice, Lava, etc.
  Arcane, Demonic, Heavenly

Spell Effect Types:

  Bolt, Missile, Cone, Ball, Pillar, Wall, Personal, Touch

Tint/Hue/Visual Effect:

  Various variables, such as a slider scale to change the "color" of
  the effect, the TYPE of effect, etc. Perhaps my Fire Missile
  "Sets" the target on fire, whereas yours explodes on impact?  Same
  damage potential, but different effect.

Duration, Range, Damage:

  All variable by "level", but allow the user to trade off in one
  for a greater effect in the other.  Say a standard level "15"
  fireball is 15-30 in damage, 10 tiles range, 3 tile radius.  A
  user could instead go 25-40 damage, 5 tile range, 1 tile radius.
  And so on.

A system like this would allow players SO much freedom in the
creation of spells that match their persona.  Perhaps an Ice Mage?
Or "The Green Wizard", where all their spells leave their targets
green for a short time?  Perhaps a Wizard is a mixed melee/wizard,
and all their spells are built to suit their melee tendencies? Or an
archer wizard, where their spells ALL use arrows and bows as working
components? Or a bardic mage, where music is required for each
effect?  I could go on and on...  but the point is, build an open
ended system and you'll get open ended results. The sky is the

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