[MUD-Dev] MMORPG: where to start for making and running a game

Richard Brown richardlbj at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 14 12:38:56 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

I am not sure if I am off topic since I am looking for information
rather than expressing opinions. But I am ready to hear you opinions
so I am going to post it.

I typed "mmorpg design" into google and ended up reading the long
thread "MMORPG/MMOG Server design" here.

I have recently met with two of my high school friends, whom I had
not been in contact for 15 years.  One of them has been doing very
well in real estate (money and business). The other is an art school
graduate and has been in textile industries (art design). I am a
SA/DBA have spent 20 years in "mission critical" data centers
(systems and operations).

We know very little about MMORPG but believe it or not we decided to
do one. I am the one supposed to "get it started".

After surfing around for days, I realize that the information out
there is overwhelming. For a newbie, I'd better ask.

So, we are going to need: a story line or a persistent and evolving
game universe; a game design that will get players addicted; lots of
dazzling 3D stuff; reasonably reliable and not too buggy codes;
scalable and OK-lagging platforms; and hundreds or thousands free
testers; ... etc. There is just too much to happen.

I made two decisions: 1) We are going to use Redhat on dual Intel
based server pools. Sorry, no SGI. 2) We are going to use available
software as much as possible.

Now the question: what am I going to do with my rich friend's money
in the next six month? What should I buy, who should I hire, what do
I tell them to do, and the most important: what should we try to

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