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Emil Eifrem emil at eifrem.com
Thu Oct 16 01:00:40 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

On Tue, 14 Oct 2003, Craig H Fry wrote:

> Looking for an Open Source solution for my RPG game rules engine.
> Any recommendations?  Rather not reinvent the wheel here.

Which language?

If you're in Java-land, I have some experience with three rules
engines; one commercial, one gratis but not free, and one open

   o ILOG JRules (http://www.ilog.com) is a commercial,
   enterprise-strength rules engine which is mature, robust, fast
   and flexible. It's very nice, but has a hefty price tag.

   o JESS (http://herzberg.ca.sandia.gov/jess/) is mature, CLIPS
   inspired (originally based on it, I believe), robust, uses
   LISPish syntax. It is NOT open source. However, it's $100 for
   non-commercial use, free for academic or governmental use and it
   comes with source code.

   o Drools (http://drools.org) is open source, fairly young but
   very promising. It has already gathered a community and I'm sure
   it will grow into a strong engine given time. For some reason,
   they never released a 1.x product and their 2.0-release is still
   (AFAIK, it was a couple of weeks since I checked) in beta.

My experience with these three is that JRules is an overall nicer
product, but JESS is not far off. Drools is not quite there yet, but
shows great promise.

There are other open source alternatives, but I haven't tried them
(yet).  Carlos' blog had a summary of open source rules engines a
couple of days ago:


This is all assuming that you're running Java. If not, I can't help
you.  :) If you are, I hope this gave you some starting points. Good

-EE [emil-spam at eifrem.com]
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