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Peter Tyson PeterT at codemasters.com
Thu Oct 16 09:16:26 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: Richard Brown [mailto:richardlbj at yahoo.com]

> We know very little about MMORPG but believe it or not we decided
> to do one. I am the one supposed to "get it started".

Without sounding facetious the fact that none of you know anything
about making an MMORPG means that your chances of success are very
very small, especially if you plan on making a big main-stream
MMORPG. If you want to get started doing games production you'd be
better off doing a PS2 title and cutting your teeth on a simple RPG,
actioner or platformer. Alternately, build and run a text mud for a
few years. MMORPGs are very complex pieces of game code and I don't
think they're something complete newbies should tackle without being
prepared to throw away $5m+ for no gain.

> So, we are going to need: a story line or a persistent and
> evolving game universe; a game design that will get players
> addicted; lots of dazzling 3D stuff; reasonably reliable and not
> too buggy codes; scalable and OK-lagging platforms; and hundreds
> or thousands free testers; ... etc. There is just too much to
> happen.

Yup, you need everything. Hire 20+ people for two years and you
might have most of that. Maybe.

> Now the question: what am I going to do with my rich friend's
> money in the next six month? What should I buy, who should I hire,
> what do I tell them to do, and the most important: what should we
> try to accomplish?

I think you should tell him to keep investing it or consider using
it as an angel finance fund for other developers. Alternately, set
up a small developer and publish a couple of normal mainstream games
for a while. You'd need a lot less people and you'd be taking on a
lot less risk. If you're still determined to do it, well, for a
team? Get out and hire a producer, a lead artist and a lead
programmer with experience and let them tell you what to do (of
course, that will have problems too)...

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