[MUD-Dev] Web vs. Java client

Kwon J. Ekstrom justice at softhome.net
Mon Oct 20 10:21:34 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Christopher Allen wrote:

> We've been fighting this at Skotos for several years. The main two
> things I can suggest is: A) avoid client java at all costs -- we
> tried forever and it the platform differences never made it worth
> the effort, and B) we've built an incredibly powerful client just
> using Mozilla's javascript, that is as good as our best ActiveX
> client for windows.

I'd have to agree here, at least for applets, there isn't a good
standard.  Over the years, there have been many versions of java
that pollute the client market.  Although by downloading the java
plugin, you can ensure a standard, it's not something people like to
have forced upon them.

> If you'd like to see how well it works (we have a 30 day free
> trial at Skotos), try Castle Marrach and Grendel's Revenge with IE
> -- that will be our "Alice" client using an ActiveX control. Then
> Castle Marrach with Mozilla (GR hasn't been converted yet).

> If you are serious about client side text sitting on a web page
> where the client can change the web page behind it, we'd be
> willing to share both Alice and Zealous (the Mozilla client.) From
> the server perspective, they use the same protocol.

I for one, would be incredibly interested in your mozilla based
client. A few years back during the one of the client threads, I
suggested using a connection based web client, and have written some
proof of concept code using ActiveX and IE.  Unfortunately I never
got far due to time constraints.

-- Kwon J. Ekstrom
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