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Sheela Caur'Lir <dstgasey at webhiker.dk> wrote:
> From: "Spot" <northspot at hotmail.com>

>> Do they really need to know that the Giant has 100hp's and there
>> weapons do 1-8+5 damage?  Or would they be ok with combat displaying
>> such things a "you landed a grazing blow", "you bury your blade to
>> the hilt"...with some type of message that descibes the over-all
>> state (lightly wounded, heavily wound, barely conscious).

> Have you read the thread "Why give the players all the numbers"?  I
> think you'll see all the opinions to your questions there.

Kevin Maroney wrote a rather good article on data hiding for The Games


The article is written in regard to board games, but the base concepts
translate perfectly.

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