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Mats Lidstrom mats.lidstrom at torpet.ac
Tue Nov 4 06:20:45 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: "McDonald, Stephen" <smcdon03 at ase.tufts.edu>
> Marian Griffith said, regarding viking-era scandinavian runes:

>> However, it is uncertain if those runes were really used as an
>> alphabet. It may well be that they were more like the signs of
>> the zodiac.  Part of an extensive religious and magical system,
>> but not an alphabet.  (i.e. you can not write down arbitrary
>> messages in them)

> The Norse runes most certainly were used as an alphabet.  Their
> use as an alphabet dates to several centuries before the viking
> period.  Runic inscriptions are quite common throughout the
> Scandinavian countries, and the language has been translated.  Any
> decent book on medieval scandinavian culture will include pictures
> of inscriptions and their translations.  And it was definitely
> used for more than religious and magical inscriptions.  I recall
> reading about one archaeological find which included a tablet (I
> believe wood) with what was essentially a shopping
> list. Unfortunately, I can't recall a reference for that.

Another "proof" that it was used as an everyday alphabet is that in
Sofia, Istanbul they've found scribblings on a temple pillar using
runes that dates back 1000 years. It says: "Halvdan was here".

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