[MUD-Dev] Web vs. Java client

Eric Merritt cyberlync at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 8 08:04:05 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

--- Jeff Fuller <jfuller at originmail.com> wrote:

> You are much more likely to get people to download a plug-in for
> their current browser then you are to get them to choose a new
> browser. Allow people to stay within their comfort level and your
> more likely to gain acceptance.

> Less technical people are even more likely to balk at loading up a
> new browser.

You are not asking them to download a new browser to replace ie. You
are asking them to download the basis for a mud client (which will
then install your changes). I agree if you where asking them to
replace IE it wouldn't happen in general. It may even be best to go
ahead and package up mozilla and the mud extensions and just offer a
'mud client' download from your site. Thats kind of thing is very
common, even for non-technical users.
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