[MUD-Dev] java clients (was: Re: MUD-Dev Digest, Vol 6, Issue 3)

ceo ceo at grexengine.com
Sat Nov 8 13:55:50 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Alex Chacha wrote:

> I would have to agree with you on the Mozilla vs Java client.  We
> have implemented a java client.

> All this from a simple java 1.1 compliant client, I fear making it
> any more complex.

> I am at a crossroads now, I am very frustrated with Java, the
> whole build once run anywhere slogan sounds great, but it has not
> worked

IMHO and IME that's often because of your 1.1 compliance. It's like
saying "my DOS application isn't working very well in Win2k, XP and
Me". You're using dead-ended technologies that are no longer fully
supported, although in theory they ought to work.

If you want to develop and deliver java clients, the story is simple
- tell your uses to get the current version of java! Frankly, I find
the widespread obsession with 1.1 compliance rather strange - it
doesn't even have basic data structures like List!

1.1 also lacks *all* the hardware-accelerated graphics (no coding
required; enabled by default on Windows + Linux etc), and things
like regular-expressions and XML parsing. I'm impressed at people's
masochism in choosing to code in such a barren landscape :P...

(although, as I said earlier, I do recognize there are situations
where 1.1 compliance remains a necessity; there may be some areas
where upgrading your JVM is truly impossible. Mostly, though,
developers tell themselves it's impossible when it's merely slightly
undesirable. Downloads of technologies over the past decade have
proven time and again that if your content is compelling, people
will download. e.g. dialup users still download 30-50Mb regularly if
they have an nVidia grahpics card...).

Adam M
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