[MUD-Dev] Scripting Languages and Magic

Adam Burr burra at alum.rpi.edu
Mon Nov 10 20:45:36 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Sheela Caur'Lir wrote:

> That reminds me that Elder Futharkis what is used in Ultima IX
> :The Ascention, it's kinda neat that when Lord British hands you a
> worldmap it's written with runes instead of regular latin
> alphabet. Same goes for signs and stuffs in the game.

> Dunno if earlier versions of Ultima used the Elder Futhwark as
> well.

They did. I don't remember for sure if Ultima I did, but my Ultima
][ map (which is hanging on my wall :) has runes on it.

However, the Ultima runes are not Elder Futhwark- very very similar,
but a few characters are changed. This tends to confuse me because I
can read both Ultima runes and norse runes, but sometimes I get
confused if I try to read both within a short time period.

Adam Burr
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