[MUD-Dev] Web vs. Java client

Matt Mihaly the_logos at ironrealms.com
Thu Nov 13 19:59:08 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

On Wed, 12 Nov 2003, Jeff Fuller wrote:
> Ben Greear wrote:

>> If magic is working with arcane runes and powers invisible to
>> most mortals, how much different is that from getting your perl
>> script to help you in battle? :)

> Because you give a certain class of players a distinct advantage
> with skills outside the scope of the game. People who can and
> understand programming become elite warriors. Those who do not
> become sheep, and in turn become frustrated and leave your
> environment. You end up with a serious imbalance in game
> mechanics.

And yet most MMORPGs are willing to offer distinct advantages to
those with out-of-game free time or out-of-game money.

> It hardly seems fair if some brilliant coder has devised a special
> script that lets him react at twice the speed of a non scripted
> player in your game world, thus rendering your non-scripted player
> weaker due to technology not play skill/knowledge.

What does fair matter if the playerbase accepts it? (And in our
case, they do.)


Show me the WMDs, George.
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