[MUD-Dev] Removing access to entertainment

Paul Schwanz pschwanz at comcast.net
Tue Nov 18 08:31:47 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

John Buehler wrote:

>  1. Don't remove or limit my ability to see the game world in an
>  entertaining way.  A dark screen is NOT entertaining.  It only
>  adds to eye strain.  A rainstorm isn't 'fun'.  It only impairs my
>  ability to move around the game world to find the real
>  entertainment in the game.

Sometimes what you cannot see is very entertaining.  I still
remember the feeling of paranoia I experienced the first time I
played Castle Wolfenstein.  The feeling of not knowing what was
behind me heightened the tension and made for great gameplay.
Similarly, I think that a dark screen CAN be entertaining, if
implemented in a way that adds to the emotional experience or
intellectual challenge.  But I will agree with you that such
limitations should be undertaken with care to ensure that they are
adding to the experience instead of merely creating a more
frustrating interface.  I don't see why a good developer should take
dim lighting from his palette of design choices anymore than should
a good cinematographer.  But both need to have a good understanding
of the effects of their choices, else the result can be annoying
instead of entertaining.

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