[MUD-Dev] Language and platform for Text MUD server

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Thu Nov 20 12:36:00 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003


I am doing non-commercial text MUD and rewritten platform from
scratch several times. Main question is - "What language and
platform can give good speed and decent extensibility" I discovered
following in my efforts:

  - Java - VERY extensible, cross-platform and VERY slow and memory

  - C# - MOST extensible, cross-platform? =) and rather slow

  - C++ - extensible, cross-platform with usage of third-party libs
  and decent speed

  - C - best speed, but not extensible

The only variant i see is to implement own language compiler or
interpreter that would be extensible and quick - the only choices
here are C and C++.

What is your opinion?

P.S. Don't push me for my english, i am Russian =)

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