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Peter Keeler scion at divineright.org
Tue Nov 25 22:16:51 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Tuesday, November 25, 2003, 10:21:44 AM, Amanda Walker wrote:

> Now for a MUD developer question:

> The last year or two on MUD-Dev have been dominated by game play
> discussions, not implementation issues (though there have been a
> few quite interesting threads).  Is game building now a solved
> problem?  Are the only interesting issues ones of game balance?

If game building is a solved problem, can someone mail me the
solution? I'm building a MUD engine and having some real difficulty
choosing a way to manage object persistence. Recently I've been
leaning towards a ColdMUD style setup, although I can't decide
between serialized objects, XML, or an RDBMS. To further complicate
the issue, most of my experience lies with Diku derivatives, so this
is really straying from my familiar territory (not unhappy to see it
go, however).

I'm pretty sure my biggest problem is that I've overthought this
problem for way too long and just need to pick something. What are
some folks' favorite (least favorite is good too) design patterns
for OO persistent game objects?


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