[MUD-Dev] Rubies of Eventide shutting down

Michael Sellers mike at onlinealchemy.com
Sat Nov 29 22:40:30 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Marc E. Howe, President of Cyber Warrior, Inc.:

>   Well, my dear friends, as expected, things are not looking any
>   brighter. It is unlikely that I can continue to fund the company
>   beyond December of this year.

You know, this makes me obscurely sad.  Another one of the "old
guard" goes off into the night.  As I recall, RoE started out in a
very different form (static scene backgrounds with sprites on top I
think?)  even before UO came out.  I may be mis-remembering, but I
seem to recall this game and DragonSpires being on our radar along
with WorldsChat and their upcoming (and never produced) World's Fair
back in the early days of getting M59 going.  It takes an enormous
amount of determination to keep an online game going in any form;
these guys deserve congratulations for that.

And this also shows the increasing selection pressure on the
now-classic "choose a race and class" kind of fantasy MMORPG.  IMO,
we won't see another of these in the fantasy genre break 100K
players for the next few years -- not until the next generation is
well under way at least.  And it's by no means clear what that next
generation looks like.

Mike Sellers
Online Alchemy
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