[MUD-Dev] Removing access to entertainment

Brian Lindahl lindahlb at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 3 02:29:51 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

On Fri 14 Nov, John Buehler wrote:

> This is an observation about some graphical games that I've played
> through the years, and a pet peeve that has been building all that
> while.  I don't know if text games have this manifested in any
> way, but the graphical games sure do: they remove my access to
> entertainment as part of the normal operation of the game.

>   Example 1: Nighttime and rainstorms.
>   Example 2: Mesmerization.
>   Example 3: Blindness.
>   Example 4: Slow travel in large worlds.

1. I think night time and rainstorms become challenges to overcome -
granted it does depend on the implementation. But at night, wouldn't
it be best to have a light? Ok, so you get a light, where do you get
this light from? This provides an avenue for entertainment and a
means of overcoming the challenge. Rainstorms, I'm not sure why this
removes access to entertainment. If you're talking about losing
footing on dangerous terrain, why not get some boots/shoes with
better tread? Again, a method of overcoming a challenge.

2. I can see why people dislike mesmerization. No one likes not
being able to do anything at all.

3. Blindness. Most games have a method of blindness. I think that an
implementation of activity while being blind (albeit not at the
skill level of full vision) is key to overcoming this challenge, if
not curing the blindness altogether.

4. Slow travel in large worlds. Again, I think this is a serious
implementation flaw. Horses, carriages, etc. are a must need, as is
automated transportation so you can carry about something else while
you travel.

I think most of the issues you bring up target specific
implementation flaws in the design of a game. Granted, you will
always find implementation flaws in a game that will make it less
fun. I don't think its sane to argue this point.

Are you just listing off a bunch of common poorly implemented
features and asking for more? I'm not sure I see your point behind
bringing up this discussion.
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