[MUD-Dev] RE: The Price of Being Male

Sheela Caur'Lir dstgasey at webhiker.dk
Wed Dec 3 18:48:12 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: "Ola Fosheim Grøstad" <olag at ifi.uio.no>

> If we add to this that it is rather well know that men tend to
> spend lots of money on big toys (status symbols) and have a need
> to make themselves seen, and also tend to claim that they are a
> little bit better than their peers where women tend to go for
> being equal with their peers... then the null-hypothesis should
> be: Male characters would sell for more than female
> characters. This does of course not mean that subconscious sexism
> or homo-phobic attitudes is not part of the equation, it could
> very well be so. Indeed, many men are homophobes!

Indeed, some of the Ebay'ers are probably bying themselves a toy to
help them dominate others. The whole thing about some of those being
homophobes is rather interesting though.

I once vitnessed a very heated debate between Player A and Player B.
Player B was a female avatar and the player had said loud and clear
that it was played by a Male. This made Player A very angry and he
instantly labelled the other as "gaaaay".

Player B had the best response I ever heard :

  "If I was gay, wouldn't I be looking at the butt of a male

Oh, and I play both male and female characters on pretty much equal
footing, with a slight favor on males, since I often play as a heavy
armored Melee type of character, in which I think male avatars seem
more fitting.

I mostly use female avatars when playing healers, this is probably
because of society stereotyping that "says" that women = nurses, so
thus the conlusion is that healing = nursing = female avatar.  Come
to momma and be healed.

So, there you have my reason, I try to make my avatar fot into the
role of it's class / skills so it's easier for me to "identify" with
it and roleplay it easier or even better.

I also try to choose my avatar names to fit their class / skills /
profession.  Like a warrior character I have is called Anker
Steadfast, Anker being the danish word for anchor and also a fairly
common name here in scandinavia.  Steadfast because ... well
... that's what I wanted him to be.

So the "finished product" is a big burly male character with a name
implying that you can depend on him in a bad situation and with a
class fitting his role.  After all, the Avatar itself is only an
extension of the role you want it to have.

Makes sense to make it fit all together, right ?

Jens L. Nielsen
(aka. Sheela Caur'Lir)
(aka Anker steadfast)
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