[MUD-Dev] Spike TV"s Video Game Awards

Otis Viles drey at speakeasy.org
Thu Dec 11 14:25:59 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Michael Tresca wrote:

> Okay, so I started watching the Video Game Awards (VGA).

You have my condolences.

> THINKS game players are.  An informal poll of my MUD players
> indicated that they were horrified at the portrayal.  It made
> gamers look like the pathetic stereotypes.  It made gaming look
> like it's only for nerds and geeks.  In essence, it felt like what
> people

Many gamers felt the same way about the obnoxious ad Nokia did for
the N-Gage prior to its launch. Penny Arcade has a copy of the print
ad at this URL if you've not seen it:

> So here's the question: Is there a lot of advertising being shoved
> at this awards show because it's the only thing running?  Is this
> just Spike TV showing once again how unbelievably screwed up it
> is?  Is this something not even worth getting upset over?  I'm
> curious.  Because what really concerns me is that these awards are
> accurately representing the current and future player base.

I'd say the awards were a horrifically distorted representation of
an inaccurate picture of gamers.
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