[MUD-Dev] Current State of MMOG's?

Jason Murdick osiris at arkansas.net
Fri Dec 12 00:44:45 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: "Chris" <cwstewart at csupomona.edu>

> Here's an article questioning "Where's the real MMORPGs?" It
> reviews the industry and the gamers dedicated MMOG's. Without
> remorse the article takes a stab at nearly every mainstream MMO
> available. For those interested you can read it here:

>   http://www.gamemethod.com/archive/214.php

I'm sorry, but that was the most biased article I have read in quite
a while. He does not evaluate MMO's, he simply stated his opinion on
them. If none of the current MMOs meet his criteria then perhaps he
needs to make his own so he'll be happy.

PvP is not what the MMO community desires. Just like with MUDs, it
is what a section of the community desires. And each MMO decides
early on what section it will cater to. Dark Age caters to PvP,
Horizons doesn't. Personally I see nothing wrong with this concept.

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