[MUD-Dev] Current State of MMOG's?

Chris cwstewart at csupomona.edu
Fri Dec 12 00:52:13 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

On Thursday, December 11, 2003 11:44 PM Jason Murdick wrote:

> I'm sorry, but that was the most biased article I have read in
> quite a while. He does not evaluate MMO's, he simply stated his
> opinion on them.  If none of the current MMOs meet his criteria
> then perhaps he needs to make his own so he'll be happy.

> PvP is not what the MMO community desires. Just like with MUDs, it
> is what a section of the community desires. And each MMO decides
> early on what section it will cater to. Dark Age caters to PvP,
> Horizons doesn't. Personally I see nothing wrong with this
> concept.

I know that many people have a distaste for articles like this,
especially among developers who have to read this kind of talk
(different subjects) in their own forums about their own
games. However, I think that this article makes an attempt to backup
what he says and put the topic into a formal argument instead of a

As far as the MMO community as a whole, that's exactly what he
wasn't talking about. He's talking about a customer base, or type of
players, that currently WANT to play MMO's but haven't found any
worth their while. And that's just the thing, here are willing
customers who are specifically asking for something, that the market
has yet to provide.

Some people have said that catering to PvP is cost
in-effective. That for each person who chooses the road of PvP he
drives off 9 to every 10 that he kills. Or that if a server is set a
side for PvP only, the server runs at such a low population that
it's overhead costs are greater than the income of the players on
that server.

I think of this argument as a puzzle; the first company that creates
a game which caters to both the current market and the "market in
waiting" wins the customer base.

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