[MUD-Dev] Current State of MMOG's?

Jason Murdick osiris at arkansas.net
Fri Dec 12 02:27:47 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: "Chris" <cwstewart at csupomona.edu>
> On Thursday, December 11, 2003 11:44 PM Jason Murdick wrote:

> As far as the MMO community as a whole, that's exactly what he
> wasn't talking about. He's talking about a customer base, or type
> of players, that currently WANT to play MMO's but haven't found
> any worth their while. And that's just the thing, here are willing
> customers who are specifically asking for something, that the
> market has yet to provide.

> Some people have said that catering to PvP is cost
> in-effective. That for each person who chooses the road of PvP he
> drives off 9 to every 10 that he kills. Or that if a server is set
> a side for PvP only, the server runs at such a low population that
> it's overhead costs are greater than the income of the players on
> that server.

> I think of this argument as a puzzle; the first company that
> creates a game which caters to both the current market and the
> "market in waiting" wins the customer base.

You do have a good point. It is a puzzle. However, I have doubts
that any one single MMO could satisfy both sides of this argument.

I re-read the article a couple more times... Dionysis is certainly
an idealist. I still disagree with most of the points he makes, but
it would be interesting to see a similar article written about the
state of MMOs from someone who was a big PvE or maybe even just a
crafter. Very different perspective, thats for sure. And all valid.

As for the current base and bringing people into the market that
haven't yet... Licensed MMOs are probably a really good way of
bringing new customers in... Star Wars, Middle Earth, Dune, The
Matrix, Warcraft, etc...  One can only hope that the MMO market will
begin to branch out and explore different genres much like the MUD
community did... Certanily we're beginning to see a litle more
variety, beyond the EQ/DnD style game where you are a Elf Mage or
Dwarven Fighter. Planetside, Eve, AO, EnB... May not be the most
successful of MMOs, but they are novel in at least some of their

On a final note, I find it very amusing that he brings up David
Allen. That in itself planet a seed of doubt in my mind about his
beliefs and his motives...

- Jason
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