[MUD-Dev] Current State of MMOG's?

Brian 'Psychochild' Green brian at psychochild.org
Sat Dec 13 18:31:31 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Chris wrote:

> Here's an article questioning "Where's the real MMORPGs?" It
> reviews the industry and the gamers dedicated MMOG's. Without
> remorse the article takes a stab at nearly every mainstream MMO
> available.

Oh, that's an article?  I thought that was a bit of writing thinly
veiled in pseudo-intellectual commentary trying to justify the theft
of intellectual property that's involved in running a UO freeshard.
As someone who's undergone considerable sacrifice to resurrect a
game, Meridian 59, that provides the "PvP and full player
interaction" the author of that article claims to so desparately
want, I'm not inclined to give him my sympathy at being unable to
find a PvP-focused game. Ironic indeed that he mentions Meridian 59
twice in that article dismissively.

Beyond even my game, there are a number of games that encourage PvP
and full player interaction.  Yeah, some of them are text games, if
you really wanted what those games offered you'd go play those

No, the core problem is that there's a group of players that can't
accept that UO has changed from the "good/bad old days" for whatever
reason.  Instead of actually looking for games, even ones that they
know the name of, they rather take the shortcut of stealing EA's
artwork and programming for their own use.  Those other games might
have different mechanics to learn, oh my!  Of course, the fact that
the game is free doesn't hurt adoption rates; billing causes many
headaches for commercial games.

In the end, all this is doing is ensuring that no company has a
decent chance at succeeding with a PvP-focused online game.  Anyone
willing to violate copyrights and trademarks is going to be more
than willing to keep the game open even if other options do come on
the market.  No large game has seen a reason to give the market a
game with "PvP and full player interaction", and now any smaller
company has to compete with "free" (and the years of development
that went into UO's client).

All in my opinion,

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