[MUD-Dev] Thought Experiment: Permanent Monster Death

Corpheous Andrakin corpheous at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 14 08:19:11 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

--- "Brent P. Newhall" <me at other-space.com> wrote:

> After reading the massive -- and fascinating -- thread on
> entertainment, spawning, etc. in games, I had the following
> thought.  Would love to know what you all think.
>   What would a game look like, if monsters stayed dead?  E.g.,
>   monsters can only be added to the game if the admins explicitly
>   add them.
> Might this not create a game in which individual monsters are much
> more powerful -- thus requiring a lot of team co-operation to kill
> -- but less common?
> How might this affect the "levelling treadmill?"

I'd imagine this would be a very interesting concept, might even go
over well if implemented right.  It might be interesting to have
this in along with a "no level" system and skill/xp system where you
got xp based on actions not monster kills.  Increasing AI to the
point where monsters would survive or at least run away from many
encounters they could not hope to win would be critical though.  But
if you got xp everytime you "fought" (not killed) something it may
prove to be quite fun, even for the achiever types.

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