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Tue Dec 16 09:53:39 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: "Rayzam" <rayzam at travellingbard.com>
> From: "Chanur Silvarian" <chanur at guildsite.com>

>> As far as the loot, again, not absolute randomness.  The cook
>> drops items of level X power.  Whether you use a list or some
>> other generation mechanism to figure out which item is
>> irrelevant, just that it is of approximate power X. The king on
>> the other hand drops things of power level Y.

>> The thing you never want happening is for people to camp the king
>> because they know that he drops a certain item.  The power level
>> of the items he drops should be comparable, but there should
>> never be a specific Uber Item that you know can be gained from
>> him.

> Doesn't this encourage camping? You find a monster that you know
> you can kill, that drops random items of power level Y. You just
> camp it, and eventually collect all the items of power level Y
> that you'd need. I've found that random drops encourage this
> camping behavior. The benefit from random drops is that each
> player/set of players can camp at a different monster of power
> level Y to get a full set of power level Y equipment, so there's
> less competition for specific camps, not less camping behavior
> going on. A bit of a subtle point, but one that I see missed quite
> often.

You missed some of my previous stuff.  Yes, this would be true with
static spawn points.  If there is one thing I object to over any
other it is static spawn points.  The loot on the creature doesn't
cause camping, knowing the precise X, Y, Z coordinate where the
thing will spawn does.

Logically weighted random spawning is the only way to ever stop
camping.  By logically weighted I mean that the weighting will cause
certain creatures to be more prone to spawn in certain zones/areas
but precisely where in that area will never be known without
absolute certainty and, with randomness, there is still the small
probability of it spawning outside of the "normal" area.
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