[MUD-Dev] [ANNC] new list for technical discussion

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Thu Dec 18 08:33:25 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Hello all,

We'd like to announce the creation of the vworldtech mailing list:


This list is a discussion forum for all topics related to technology
and how it applies to the architecture, implementation and
deployment of virtual worlds.  This includes, but is not necessarily
limited to, multiuser dungeons (MUDs), massively multiplayer online
games (MMOGs) and first person shooters.

Our goal is to foster discussions about technical issues.  While it
is impossible (and undesirable) to completely isolate technology
from design, process and production, non-technical topics such as
design, software development methodologies, community building,
genre discussions, et. al. should be conducted in more appropriate
forums such as:

     MUD-Dev (https://www.kanga.nu/lists/listinfo/mud-dev/)

The list is unmoderated, but the list owners will be strict about
adherence to participation guidelines.

The general guidelines for list participation are as follows:

    - Stay on topic.  If you can think of a more appropriate forum
      for your topic, please use that forum.  KNOWINGLY POSTING
    - Retain meaningful subject headers.  If the thread discussion has
      veered, please alter the subject name to reflect this.
    - The language of the list is English.
    - Keep your posts less than 80 columns wide, and please stick
      with 7 bit ASCII.
    - Please do not send HTML mail to the list. Use plain text.
    - Proper attribution to quoted material is important. Please trim
      quoted material to include only the bits that are relevant to
      your post.
    - Please refrain from using long signatures.
    - You are responsible for what you post. Don't post things which
      are confidential, trade secrets, etc.


   The VWorld Tech List Operators
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