[MUD-Dev] The Mind's Eye

Matt Mihaly the_logos at ironrealms.com
Thu Dec 18 18:55:08 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

There's a new web forum available for administrators of established
text muds. You need to be in the top two levels of active
administration in a text mud (in other words you need to be someone
actively involved in running one on a day to day basis) that has a
daily peak of at least 50 simultaneous players.

The idea is that there are no web forums or mailing lists devoted to
people with experience anymore. All the text mud-focused web forums
are full of kids with no experience and huge attitudes who spend
their days flaming each other, and mud-dev takes a broader focus
(and ends up focusing almost exclusively on graphical muds these

More info can be found at: http://www.ironrealms.com/mindseye.htm

Muds with participants so far include: Gemstone IV, Achaea,
Aardwolf, Imperian, Aetolia, Threshhold, Feudal Realms, Batmud,
Necromium, Retromud, Discworld, Materia Magica, Otherspace,
Armaggedon, Islands of Myth. More coming!

There's practical value in discussion limited to those who have at
least some success in the field, and as the forums are closed to
non-members you're free to post in a more open, honest manner. I
urge anyone who qualifies to sign up.

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