[MUD-Dev] Alternate Level Mechanics (was: ghost mode)

Eli Stevens listsub at wickedgrey.com
Sun Dec 21 22:53:32 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

J C Lawrence wrote:

>   4) there can be multiple forms of level transformations and
>   transactions, both within a character, a game system, a player,
>   multiple players, the intersection of the game world and RL,
>   etc.

While reading this, I had a mental image of short passes in a game
of American football.  "Levels" would be something acquired rapidly,
passed or exchanged between players, and removed from play when the
holding player "died" (permadeath of sorts, but only for the rewards
currently held).  I had envisioned the passing actions as something
more like the Team Rabbit 2 mod for Tribes 2, but it would likely
work better (err, allow for more strategic actions) in a slower
paced game.  Of course, it would likely have to be team based
(formally or not) - there needs to be a reason to give away your
powers just before you get hit by the train.

Random followup thoughts:

  A twist might be to only allow levels to be transferred to
  higher-level players.  This would create big, fat, juicy targets
  (assuming that it could be made apparent what the rough level of
  another player was).

  Tracking the level gain/loss totals and ratio could provide a way
  to rank players.

  Inevitble deaths would have to be slow in the making (no one-shot
  insta-kill sniper rifles, though one-shot kill-you-in-a-minute
  rifles would be ok).

  Additional mechanics for discouraging camping/hoarding would
  likely prove useful.

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