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Sheela Caur'Lir dstgasey at webhiker.dk
Wed Dec 24 12:10:31 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: "Paul Schwanz" <pschwanz at comcast.net>
> Chanur Silvarian wrote:
>> From: "Rayzam" <rayzam at travellingbard.com>

>> You missed some of my previous stuff.  Yes, this would be true
>> with static spawn points.  If there is one thing I object to over
>> any other it is static spawn points.  The loot on the creature
>> doesn't cause camping, knowing the precise X, Y, Z coordinate
>> where the thing will spawn does.

>> Logically weighted random spawning is the only way to ever stop
>> camping.  By logically weighted I mean that the weighting will
>> cause certain creatures to be more prone to spawn in certain
>> zones/areas but precisely where in that area will never be known
>> without absolute certainty and, with randomness, there is still
>> the small probability of it spawning outside of the "normal"
>> area.

> I'm still not sure why we have it in for camping when players so
> obviously like to camp.  Or why we have it in for farming when
> players seem to prefer to farm.  Why don't these facts cause us
> instead to come up with better ways to help players enjoy camping
> and farming?

Probably because not all players like it.  Some do, sure, but I
think some mix-and-match should be done.

Like, I really like the fact that inside a Castle sits a King on his
Throne.  I would, as a player, get seriously peeved if I fought all
my way in trough guards and traps and all other sorts of
unpleasantries, just to find his Cook sitting on his throne.

Players invest time into getting there, having the reward be
otherwere would defeat much of the risk vs. reward part. Mind you,
this does not mean you HAVE to build a castle, or that you HAVE to
have a King. But at some point, I think that a random world would
start to grate on me.

Jens L. Nielsen
(aka. Sheela Caur'Lir)
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