[MUD-Dev] TECH Looking for light graphical clients

Ian McDonald ian at mcdonald.me.uk
Sun Dec 28 23:33:03 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003


I am looking for a light graphical client. I haven't found anything
remotely similar to what I am looking for on the web or the MU*
websites. I apologise for taking this to the list, but I wonder
whether I just have not been looking in the right places. Most of
the graphical clients I have found have been fairly sophisticated
combat games, or Skotos' text-plus-menus clients. I believe
WorldForge and Grex are not ready for active use.

What I have in mind would have the following features:


  - Room-based, with background defined by room

  - The positions of the sprites in the display would not be known
  to the server, but sprites which are talking or fighting together
  would need to move next to each other.

  - Display objects and characters as sprites

  - Display talk as speech bubbles

  - Combat is not needed.

User Interface

  - The user would only type to enter text

  - The user could send simple MU - commands (movement, examine,
  look, say, use) via point-and-click


  - Multiple platform, preferably by being a browser plug-in such as

  - Connects to a server with an API, and preferably a way of
  modifying its object database without going through the server.

The way I would do this (and the reason I have focussed on the
client rather than the server) would be to build a client which used
standard (and configurable) MU* commands, and build a way for the
client to fetch the graphics for room backgrounds and object sprites
into the protocol.  Then either configure an existing MU* server to
remove now-useless messages (eg @adescs), and program the client to
send unrecognised output to a message window.

I realise that I am describing an overall system closer to the
'chat' end of the chat/RPG axis.

Thank you in advance for comments.

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