[MUD-Dev] [BIZ] Defining 'churhn' in relation to MMO games

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Fri Jan 9 10:39:27 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

From: "Tom \"cro\" Gordon" <cro at alienpants.com>

>    How do you define churn?

I think that unless you are making a specific point about player
types or MMO dynamics of some types I would stick with the
definition you have given as anyone vaguely familiar with marketing
\ customer services should understand what you are talking
about. Else you would have to explain the nature of the way that you
were using the term in some detail – which could be useful if you
want to make some other point.

Personally I can’t see any right means of measuring it. It’s
like the ‘what is the biggest MMO’ question. Churn is often
taken simply to be an indicator of the ongoing cost of sale it’s a
blunt instrument. Statistics about turnover of median term accounts
might be a much more important figure for an MMO – as a general
marketer that tends to be in the audience for this sort of event
I’d certainly be interested in other measures and rationales t oo.

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