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Paul Schwanz pschwanz at comcast.net
Fri Jan 9 13:27:01 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) wrote:
> Lee Sheldon wrote:

>> 3) Expanding the world in a manner that is within the universe of
>> it, rather than just an expansion pack, or taking down servers
>> and announcing a new zone. A tunnel has been discovered that
>> requires crafters of several different skills to clear. At the
>> end of what I expect to be a fairly arduous undertaking, a new
>> PLAYABLE PLAYER RACE may be "rescued." Two years ago I suggested
>> how DAoC could do something similar to this to open their new
>> epic zones, but they opted for the same old same old. Kudos to
>> Horizons for finally showing how it can be done.

> The marketing of releasing additional content.  The main reason
> content is released to the population is for keeping the
> energy/boast of the sales of the game to continue.  Most companies
> will opt to have it as a campaign to pursue more sales.

> I agree there should be more 'player found content release' in
> mmorpgs of today, its unique and gives an air of accomplishment
> .. to those few who actually open the content ... exactly, those
> few who do it.  Not the server player base, not the nation of
> players on the server, but the few, miniscule players that
> accomplish the release.

What accomplishment does anyone get at all in a new release that
isn't discovered through player actions?  This way, at least *some*
players get to enjoy it.  Besides, I reject your assumption that
such quests must be designed for the enjoyment of only a few.

> Releasing content in this modal isn't effective for a couple key
> reasons, the main reason that it only gives the entertainment to a
> select few, which means that the content to provide the content
> itself is being withheld from the player base AND what some
> consider to be the "anticipation level" of the player base to keep
> continuity. (Not to mention the sellability to the marketing dept
> and actually making ka-ching cash to continue the project in the
> first place).

Why must the entertainment only be given to a select few?  Why
cannot all the players enjoy the new area that has now been opened
just as easily as they could enjoy a new boxed release?  As to
anticipation, I see no reason why the marketing department cannot
start to spin up its operation when players get close to completing
the quest to open a new area.  In fact, I don't see why they
couldn't give PC Gamer writers or other game media a sneak peek at
the new area.  A preview write-up for an expansion product that also
included some information about how players were getting close to
activating the release sounds even more interesting to me than the
usual boxed release.

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