[MUD-Dev] Exploits and hacks in MMORPGs

Kirinyaga lanjk.ro at laposte.net
Mon Jan 12 11:18:46 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

From: Björn Morén [mailto:bjoernen at hotmail.com]

>   - Static information sharing

>     A pool of common knowledge usually spread on Internet
>     sites. Information on quests, plots, story development, game
>     mechanics, maps or similiar that will either take the edge off
>     the surprises or in worst case give players unfair advantage
>     over others.

I'm not sure you can make this an exploit. If an information is
static, then it can be considered as a "physical law" of your
universe. Something scholars put in encyclopedia. I find the spoiler
site managers fit a very valid role. Of course, most of the time the
game background is not supposed to include the modern statistical
tools and information repositories, but this is something you cannot
remove from a player's head ...  I am the kind of people who, as a
child, cut toothpaste tubes out just to see how the coloured stripes
were done. What do you expect me to do in your game ? Yes, I'll
collect as much statistics and informations as possible and try to
understand how the whole stuff is working.  This is more a defect in
the game if such a sharing is a big problem, I believe. Actually, it
would be quite nice if there was in-game libraries peoples could
setup to display the content of their web site. Why librarians and
scholars shouldn't have the right to exist in your universe ?

Now, of course, it is a problem if it totally spoils the fun of
other players. But it is not an exploit as I see it, more a problem
with the gameplay relying on too much static stuff.
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