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Fri Jan 16 21:35:54 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

Unless one breaks it down to the useless stage of any 'fed-ex' quest
is simply one where the player must 'bring' (bring meaning in some
way change the initial state location; not necessarily transported
by the player from one room to another) some 'item' (item being
arbitrary and including objects, themselves, flags, etc) to some
'target' (target being anything that resolves the quest's
completion: mob, room flag, or another player), then I do not think
all quests must be Fed-Ex.

As an example, I used to play on a mud called Adventures Unlimited
and in one of the locations (The White Lotus Temple, iirc) there was
a long series of chambers. If you reached the end you would get a
reward, of types, (The ring of 100 chambers). This was a permanent
quest in the game that anyone could attempt to do and simply
required surviving 100 rooms of difficult monsters (only one out of
every 10 rooms was recall-able and only the player could move into
the next room [they were private...only mob + player allowed]). It
was a fun quest, one that players often used to prove their
character's strength (since, unless one was a hero, they had to be
very well equipped to survive the ravages of the temple [fleeing
wasn't an option; the rooms only exited one way, the key to which
was on the mob]).

Also, there can be all kinds of quests in a game that aren't
specified by any NPC. Perhaps someone's game has a holy
grail. Players can go on a quest for the holy grail until they
manage to locate it, if merely for the prestige of having such an

Quests don't have to be redundant or initiated by player action.

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