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Michael Tresca wrote:

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>   Phat LeWt

>   "I'm really proud of our loot system." Kaplan said. First, a
>   good selection of items (but not necessarily the best) needed to
>   be to choose from. Any class has a reasonable chance of getting
>   a good item from a quest, so players are doing as many quests as
>   The level of sophistication goes a bit deeper than that,
>   though. There's "quest loot" that not only drops if you're on a
>   quest, but if you're grouped with someone who's not on that
>   quest, they'll never see the quest loot. Quest loot is also
>   available to you regardless of the state of the loot system. If
>   it isn't your turn in the round-robin, you'll still be able to
>   pick up a quest item, but only the proper member of your group
>   can pick up the other ordinary items that were on the creature -
>   you'll never see them on your screen.

>   The best example of this smart looting system was what Kaplan
>   called the "Melvin's head" system. One of the most awkward
>   moments in any MMO is players waiting for a spawn because each
>   of them are on the same quest ("Bring me Melvin's head!")
>   Players in that situation can be reluctant to group because only
>   one of them will be able to get Melvin's head. World of
>   Warcraft, though, supports multi-drops. This basically means
>   that every member of the group on the quest will be able to pick
>   up one copy of Melvin's head once he's dead. This encourages
>   social interaction and grouping since nobody's worried about
>   having to fight over the rewards.

>   world is completely egalitarian. Items will have six levels of
>   commonality: common, uncommon, superior/rare, legendary, epic,
>   and artifacts. There will also be rare titles and badges of

All the good stuff sounds just like Diablo2 to me... probably this
is why there's been no MMO-Diablo :) (all the D people who wanted to
do an MMOG have been transferred to the WC team instead?). Whilst
I'm speculating idly... my best guess at why D3 hasn't appeared, nor
has MMO-D, is that Blizzard are hoping to get some experience with
WoW before risking their hottest RPG-cashcow.

Adam M
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