[MUD-Dev] Death and Permadeath and Corpse Retrieval

Ben Hawes cruise at casual-tempest.net
Thu Jan 22 04:09:01 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

T H wrote:
> --- Sean Middleditch <elanthis at awesomeplay.com> wrote:

> More to the point, rewarding "Evil" behavior tends to reward the
> most destructive and noxious elements of an online community. The
> system he proposed was to allow a player controlled system of
> justice by building in an advantage for anti-PK elements that
> would hopefully turn the PK community into a manageable
> minority. Too often the opposite is true, and the PK community is
> the dominant element.

So change the definition of "evil" behaviour - it doesn't /have/ to
be killing other players - no more than all quests have to be fed-ex
... that just happens to be the easy option.

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