[MUD-Dev] Solutions for smarter NPCs

Björn Morén <bjoernen@hotmail.com> Björn Morén <bjoernen@hotmail.com>
Thu Jan 29 10:41:43 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

I'm curious about what technical solutions you have tried in order
to get NPCs act more interactively and smart. Better AI to support a
more vivid world. Both regarding combat behavior for NPC monsters
and conversation behavior for NPC merchant / quest assignment types.

Have anyone found it fruitful to use a functional/logic programming
language like Prolog or Mercury? I guess most use a state machine
abstraction in regular C/C++? I also guess a lot has been done by
scripting (Python, Lua, Javascript), but how far can you get with
that? What about neural nets? Fuzzy logic?

/Björn Morén
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