[MUD-Dev] TECH: newbie, mud over jabber im

cr88192 cr88192 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 2 00:03:15 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

I am somewhat a newbie to muds (and have really only passing

recently I beat together a simple engine (well, if one wants to call
it that) which was making use of the xmpp protocol, and thus could
interact with an im client (in my case I was using the psi client,
but had also tested with exodus...).

I wonder: have many others done similar, or would there be much
possible use in this?...

the interest with muds is that they are fairly simplistic, thus a
basic engine can be beaten together in a few days and can be used to
test a few networking features (more practical would be to modify an
existing engine to use im?).

my fiddling suggests that for a better experience it would probably
make sense to write a more specialized client (possibly with
game/engine specific extensions?), eg, as some aspects of the exodus
and psi clients could be described as somewhere between ugly and
distracting (as an example: that a date and username is preserved in
all messages, colored text is not possible, psi does not handle
tabs, ...).

my fiddling also suggests that, for me anyways, it seems more
straightforward to do the core engine coding in c vs. using scheme
(not sure why exactly, just the core design does not seem to map
terribly well or intuitively...).

more disclaimer: my main interests do not lie with muds, or even
really games for that matter, ...  xmpp is a new toy for me, which I
can play with in various ways (main interests more lie in it's use
as a transport for rpc calls and other kinds of data...).

I appologize if I am being stupid or off-topic.

cr88192 at hotmail dot com
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