[MUD-Dev] Solutions for smarter NPCs

Olivier Lejade olivier at mekensleep.com
Thu Feb 5 21:31:19 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

Vincent Archer wrote:
> According to Kirinyaga:

>> I found the mobs of Ryzom (currently in beta) to be particularly
>> vivids.  They express curiosity, group movement, hunger, ... It
>> is really impressive.  Their AI is designed by an university IA
>> lab. You can find some infos in english here:

> Where classic games would probably put 1 or maybe 2 programmers on
> the mobs, Nevrax recruited 3 persons specialised in IA from the
> beginning.  One permanent, and 2 working on their thesis. The
> world wasn't even fully designed that IA was worked on.

Alas, NeL AI (the lib that was being worked on by the 3 AI
engineers) is not being used in Ryzom after all.  Due to some
internal conflict during production, NeL AI was discarded (9 man
years went down the drain) and Ryzom resorts to more traditional AI
tricks. But i'm glad to hear that people still like what it does. AI
is such a tricky field...

It's a bit sad that - after years of lurking happily - my first post
to mud-dev has to be about my former company. Oh well ! ;)

Olivier Lejade

Founder & CEO of Mekensleep (www.mekensleep.com)
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