[MUD-Dev] How much should be offloaded to Scripting?

Acius acius at simud.org
Wed Feb 11 01:27:54 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

Dan Larsen wrote:

> Now, my question is this.  How much of the game should I offload
> onto my scripts, versus hard-coding it in the server?  If any of
> you are familiar with TADS (Text Adventure Development System),
> the language is comparable to that, which means I could implement
> my entire parser via script, as well as my world and interactions.
> Basically, my server could be totally ignorant of what a 'room' or
> an 'actor' or the command 'say' is.

My inclination is to say "do ALL of it in the script language."
Unless you're doing something interesting (AI or pathfinding or
simulation or something), you'll probably never max out your CPU,
and will save a lot of time.

Even if you do run into performance problems, you should be able to
profile where the majority of your performance problems are, then
move those portions of your functionality into the hard-coded
libraries after-the-fact. Maybe this seems a little inefficient,
because you'll be coding things twice, but unless your design is
already planned out then you don't know where the performance
problems will show up anyway.

-- Adam Helps
acius at simud dot org
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