[MUD-Dev] Weather simulations

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Wed Feb 11 13:42:48 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

From: "Nathan Black" <nblack1 at students.miami.edu>

> I was wondering what existing engines/MUD's might be out there
> that have done extensive work in natural weather simulation, real
> world weather simulation, etc. Any pointers to examples of this
> and open source products that might be available would be
> appreciated thanks!

I'm currently working on a weather system that incorporates at least
some of the concepts in modern meteorology.  The system is based off
a concept of pressure zones.  These zones move semi randomly (semi,
because there is some pervailing physics that guides some of their
movements).  Using these I can map out the atmospheric pressure.

These are treated much like masses of varying size and distance
above and below a plane, and then pressure is determined the same
way gravitation potential would be determined across the plane.

Once the pressure is know than I can use the isobars to determine
things like wind vectors, which drive the movements of my cloud

I'm currently working on allowing the winds to diffuse my scents
that creatures and plants have...so that a creature with a good
sense of smell could actually detect a prey that is upwind from it,
and follow the stronger scent back to the prey.

Again, I'm not a student of meteorology, but the logic of the system
seems fairly sound...I'm looking forward to some help/improvements
in this area as well.

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