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cruise cruise at casual-tempest.net
Sun Feb 15 14:32:50 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

I'm trying to develop a generalised magic system for my MUD - one
that's logically consistent, fits in with the game world, and can be
used in other games and worlds.

I already have the concepts in my MUD for ice, fire, etc. Magic is
simply a way of artificially creating these and other properties at

The other goal for this system was to not have hard-coded spells
(Fireball, Minor Healing, Magic Missile, etc.), but simply provide a
magical grammar and syntax which the players can experiment with to
produce certain effects.

Currently, I'm defining a clause as "<magic type> <magic verb>"
eg. fire create, followed by either another verb ("move to") or
another clause (to combine effects).

I want the system to be able to parse a string like this, and
produce a sensible result - or if the sentence is syntactically
incorrect, do the best it can (fizzle, produce a very weak spell,
backfire, etc.)

Such a system can obviously be applied to any kind of interface
(drawing runes for each "word", typing in a mud, etc) - it's just
the parsing the command and working out what to do with it that's
the hard part...well, the handling bad commands is probably the

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

	"quantam sufficit"
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