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Sun Feb 15 14:49:44 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

wcoles at reflectionsinteractive.com wrote:

> The idea is based on the fact that, as a players level increases,
> the amount of experience they require to reach the next level
> increases also. In turn this provides them with a greater
> 'experience buffer' from which to offer higher level 'player
> quests'.

Rather than levels and experience, I have a "renown" system - asking
other players for help (which is what providing a quest effectively
is) obviously lowers your renown, but raises the other players.

A player chooses how much of their renown to offer/lose, but the
difference between provider and recepient determines what percentage
of that is received - so high-up players cannot provide
comparatively massive amounts of exp to lower players and vice
versa. This is capped at something less than 100%, so this can never
be a straight exchange.

To avoid the quest griefing problem, a quest can be offered to more
than one person at a time, and the quests are built from a menu of
options, so the game itself can determine completion.

The other question that needs to be asked, is why would a player
willingly give up their experience to offer a quest to another
player?  That will depend on how you design your game, I suppose -
renown/xp could replace money as the currency of your game between
players, perhaps. In my design, I have game-unique special items -
as you can imagine, this provides lots of reasons for a player to
offer a quest to other(s).

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