[MUD-Dev] Character Restraint & Capture.

Valerio Santinelli tanis at altralogica.it
Mon Feb 16 23:06:56 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

From: "Jester" <jester at futuremmorpg.org>
> Character Restraint & Capture

> I've been mulling this one over for some time; I am considering
> implementing a system whereby a character can be restrained,
> and/or captured by other players. I fully understand that unless I
> get this 100% right it will be universally hated, so I thought I'd
> get the views of this list's members.

Having such a kind of system is intriguing as it could lead to
having people create quests by themselves by kidnapping and rescuing
other players.  I can also see a sort of prison system that could
work well with that, with PCs or NPCs patroling and prisoners trying
to escape by themselves or with the help of other PCs.

> I am considering this system for two reasons; As a method of
> bringing PKers to justice via some sort of bounty hunting system.

It all depends on how you're going to deal with PKers. But the
bounty hunting idea is cool. You could have "wanted" signs appear on
trees and this kind of things, too ;)

> There would obviously need to be extensive checks & balances as to
> how characters could be caught this way and which skills/ classes
> would be permitted to do so, but I think that if a sound
> underlying system is in place this could make for some very
> interesting game-play .

Yes, your main problem is going to be how to balance this. If you
let everyone kidnap his neighbour you're going to have anarchy all
over the place. You should start thinking about having only certain
classes like the thieves or maybe let people develope a skill that
lends to kidnapping.  I'd be more than interested in hearing more
about this.


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