[MUD-Dev] Character Restraint & Capture (bounty hunting)

Jester jester at futuremmorpg.org
Wed Feb 18 21:37:16 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

After receiving some positive feedback from the list members (thank
you) I have revised and expanded a few of my initial thoughts on
capture and restraint as follows:

  Bounty Hunting

    This is primarily a mechanism to impose consequences on non
    consenting PvP.  Where consenting PvP is considered to be;
    duels, gladiatorial combat and participants in 'open' city or
    guild warfare. Non consenting PvP is pretty much any other type
    of player killing.

  Possible Method

    1.After a character is resurrected they can choose to go along
    to the judicial court and place a bounty (paid up front) on
    their killer.

    2.A bounty hunter can then hunt the killer down.

    3.When they find them they use their skills to subdue and
    capture the killer

    4.They then return their prisoner to the appropriate authorities
    where they claim their reward.

    5.The prisoner is then given access to their inventory/bank and
    must raise enough cash to pay their fine (original bounty *

    6.If the prisoner cannot pay then they will be jailed for a
    period related to the amount of fine outstanding, or until
    someone bails them out.

    7.The funds raised by the fine will be allocated in a % (set by
    the city) between the original victim and the city.

  Foreseeable problems.

    a. Ensuring that a player cannot falsely accuse another player
    (@step 1).

    b. Ensuring that a bounty hunter cannot bring back someone else
    by mistake or malicious intent (@step4).

    c. Ensuring that the division of monies raised by the fine at
    least covers the original bounty paid + 100% so regardless of
    the % split if a player puts up a 200gp bounty they will receive
    at least 400gp back.

    d. Capping the time spent in jail to a reasonable amount (set at
    the game level).

    e. Moving the prisoner from the location where they were
    captured back to the court of the particular city.

None of the above problems are insurmountable and rationales to
explain away the mechanics can be constructed to suit the individual
implementation.  I have various ideas for solutions myself but as
part of my project is closed development would rather not discuss
them in depth.

Any further thoughts on this issue would be most welcome, I do most
sincerely appreciate the feedback of this list's members.

Thank you
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