[MUD-Dev] Character Restraint & Capture (bounty hunting)

Brian Hook brianhook at pyrogon.com
Tue Feb 24 23:23:56 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

On Wed, 18 Feb 2004 21:37:16 -0000, Jester wrote:

> 1. After a character is resurrected they can choose to go along to
> the judicial court and place a bounty (paid up front) on their
> killer.

If it's non-consensual PvP, why should someone have to pay?  If
you're a newbie and just got PKed by a high level griefer, how can
you possibly afford to pay a bounty?

Instead, simply allow them to "report them to the authorities" which
then automatically generates a bounty.

A system wide bounty for the target is then announced, and anyone
with a Bounty Hunter skill can bring them to justice.  Give perks
other than just money -- reputation, XP, whatever.

> 3. When they find them they use their skills to subdue and capture
> the killer

Ehhh...I don't like that, because there's a chance that a competent
PK -- or PK guild -- will simply kill the bounty hunters chasing
after them.

It might be interesting to provide limited invulnerability to a
bounty hunter with the appropriate level.  Underpowered hunters
can't bring a high level griefer to justice, but a same or higher
level hunter could find the griefer and subdue him without taking
damage.  This _ensures_ that justice is available as long as the
bounty hunter finds the target.

> 5. The prisoner is then given access to their inventory/bank and
> must raise enough cash to pay their fine (original bounty *
> [modifier])

Too much interaction.  Every time you give the target a choice or
enforced action, they'll find a way to game it.

Personally I would have the result be a fine, with garnishment of
loot (automatically) to go into the funds of the victim, bounty
hunter and city.

> 6. If the prisoner cannot pay then they will be jailed for a
> period related to the amount of fine outstanding, or until someone
> bails them out.

Too frustrating for the target.

> a. Ensuring that a player cannot falsely accuse another player
> (@step 1).

That's easy enough to verify with a "I was PKed" flag.

> b. Ensuring that a bounty hunter cannot bring back someone else by
> mistake or malicious intent (@step4).

Bounty hunters can only capture/apprehend suspects that have active
bounties on them.

> c. Ensuring that the division of monies raised by the fine at
> least covers the original bounty paid + 100% so regardless of the
> % split if a player puts up a 200gp bounty they will receive at
> least 400gp back.

See earlier comments about making the victim pay up front.  Instead,
if the bounty is 200gp, make sure that the target pays for the
bounty + city contribution + victim restitution.

However, I would be leery of victim restitution, since the reward
system now starts getting to the point where someone might game the
system, i.e. min/maxing the victim, hunter and fugitive system so
that one of the parties benefits disproportionately and the other
parties are not adversely affected.  That would be one of my
greatest concerns.

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