[MUD-Dev] Character Restraint & Capture.

Jester jester at futuremmorpg.org
Wed Feb 25 05:34:41 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

Rjw wrote:

> I've been recently mulling over an in-game mechanism by which
> griefers can be brought to justice. I had not gone so far as to
> consider the actual capture of players, but I was considering
> implementation of a bounty.

Well the very concept of 'bringing' a character to justice implies
moving them (against their will) to the relevant authorities, so
some form of capture and transport method seems to be a necessity,
it just a case of making it bearable to the player base.

> At the most basic level, player-run cities can establish what
> actions are 'against the law' in the lands they control.

I am still thinking through the mechanisms for laws in general and
it is very difficult if not impossible to realistically recreate all
the types of law found in real societies. Killing is quite a black
and white issue and much easier to implement than say the theft of a
non unique item. More thoughts on this as they surface in my poor
overworked brain :)

Although on a slightly different note I had considered giving player
cities the option of determining a) the level of PvP allowed and b)
extradition permissions (so a bounty hunter from city A may or may
not be allowed to openly capture a character in city B) I think this
would lead to some very nice scenarios where you have both very
lawful cities and more anarchic ones where the more seedy and
violent elements can hole up.

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