[MUD-Dev] Character Restraint & Capture.

Jester jester at futuremmorpg.org
Wed Feb 25 05:58:21 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

Cruise wrote:

>> I am considering this system for two reasons; As a method of
>> bringing PKers to justice via some sort of bounty hunting system.

>> And as a strategy mechanism, i.e. The general of an army is
>> captured by the opposition hours before a big battle.

> This was discussed recently on the Darkfall fora, and generally
> the idea was dismissed - while it may make for great overall
> gameplay, for the poor player who is captured, being forced to
> spend an hour or so staring at the screen doing nothing
> (especially if they are paying for their time online), it really
> stinks.

Most people would agree that an hour is too long to permit a
character to be restrained. But in the case of a strategic capture 5
minutes could be more than enough to give a tactical advantage.

> The two examples mentioned can be handled just as well with
> suitable death penalties, such as time-based skill loss, that
> don't prevent the players from actually playing.

One of the main reasons for implementing a non lethal
restraint/capture system is to avoid the cycle of violence that non
consenting PvP death causes. Consider this bounty hunter example;

Case A: Player1 gets ambushed by player2 and is killed (and
depending on the system possibly robbed). Upon resurrection player1
gathers a few friends and hunts down player2 (it is a lottery as to
whether they will have enough cash/loot to compensate for player1's
original loss). Then the cycle repeats.

Case B: Player1 gets ambushed by player2 and is killed, Upon
resurrection player1 goes to the magistrates and pays for a 200gp
bounty on player2, Player2 is captured and brought back to the court
to pay a 1000gp fine, (with access to their bank account to get cash
or sell items) they pay the fine or do a proportional period of jail

Case A perpetuates the cycle and to enact justice (as the player
sees it) player1 must become a killer as well, I am trying to create
a PvP system where killing has consequences, but without resorting
to too many artificial constraints.

> From a role-playing perspective, there no reason a player cannot
> role-play being captured, if they want to stage a daring breakout
> or such - and this could be rewarded if RP'ing is a goal in your
> game.

This would require the agreement of both parties, how many people
playing a general in a city under siege would volunteer to RP such a
scenario at a time when their absence however brief could be
critical to the conflict, causing them to loose their house,
possessions and possibly the city itself?

*Sorry for the delay in replying to this, my original reply was
moderated out because I had misinterpreted the list owners prefs re:
attributions* :(

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