[MUD-Dev] Character Restraint & Capture (bounty hunting)

Jester jester at futuremmorpg.org
Fri Feb 27 06:13:32 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

This system has evolved a great deal since its first outing in these
lists so to bring you all up to date here is a revised scenario:


  1.  Character V is hunting bear in the woods :) when he is
  attacked and killed by character K

  2.  After character V is resurrected he makes a quick trip to the
  bank and proceeds to the local court

  3.  After verifying that character K was indeed the killer, the
  judge(npc) authorises a bounty.

  4.  Character V then places a bounty of say 100gp on character K,
  which is held by the court until character Ks capture

  5.  Character B our bounty hunter then comes to the court to see
  what bounties are available.

  6.  He decides to try to bring in character K

  7.  Some time later. he finds character K and attacks him.

  8.  Whilst in combat he uses his special 'restraining' skill to
  temporarily immobilise character K

  9.  Character B then transports character K back to the court
  where the bounty was issued.

  10.  Character B collects his bounty of 100gp that the court had
  been holding on behalf of character V.

  11.  Character K then has to pay his fine The fine is worked out
  using the following formulae fine = bounty * city set modifier
  (minimum *3)

  12.  In our case we'll say the city is fairly lenient and has set
  the multiplier at * 5 So as the original bounty was 100gp
  character Ks fine is 500gp

  13.  The court gives character K the ability to remove any money
  or items from his bank account.  Items can be pawned or sold for
  their base value to raise the cash needed to pay his fine.

  14.  We will say that in this case character K is 60gp short.

  15.  Character K is then held in indentured service as a gladiator
  until either;

    a) he has earned enough to pay off his outstanding debt of 60gp

    b) someone else comes and pays the remainder of his fine for him

    c) he has been held for the maximum allowed period

  16.  In this scenario it shouldn't take more than a few 'bouts' in
  the area to earn his freedom.

  17.  With the fine paid it can now be divided between the victim
  and the city.

The full design theory is too large to post here so I have set up a
web page with the full details and workings as they stand. The url
is http://www.futuremmorpg.org/capture.asp Please have a read
through *before* making comments or suggestions regarding the above
scenario, as you may find your suggestion has already been dealt

I feel there is still room for improvement, so please keep the ideas
coming; as this may well shape up into a very useful mechanism for
controlling PK griefers in PvP environments.

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