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Brian Thyer wrote:

> My biggest concern right now is players feeling lost operating on
> something that's not currency.  Having to learn a trade/barter
> system and keeping track of exchange rates.  There will probably
> be some kind of simple tutorial to get you started at the
> beginning of the game, but the best teacher works at the school of
> hard knocks.  One thing I want to do is have a simple buy/sell
> interface so when a new player goes into a vendor's interface they
> can clearly see their wealth.  Perhaps a window showing each item
> and it's worth in different columns to that particular vendor.
> Something simple and not overwhelming.  Obviously, this will take
> a good deal of not only work, but testing =)

I think it was Freelancer which had a good/average/bad rating next
to a price, to give a rough guide as to how good a deal you were
getting for an item. Something like that would likely be helpful for
new players who haven't yet learnt what certain things are worth in

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