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Sat Feb 28 08:40:58 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

cruise <cruise at casual-tempest.net> wrote ..

> I think it was Freelancer which had a good/average/bad rating next
> to a price, to give a rough guide as to how good a deal you were
> getting for an item. Something like that would likely be helpful
> for new players who haven't yet learnt what certain things are
> worth in game...

That's not a bad idea..but as I want to have a predominance of the
vendors being pc controlled/owned, I don't want them to feel
pressured.  Maybe, instead, there will be a little column that let's
you know how it ranks up against the town's exchange rate.

Every item has a base value.  That value is based on the resources
that can be scrapped from it.  So maybe a column that shows, based
on his prices, you're getting exactly even to the exchange rate for
your payment.  Or, maybe, he's adjusted his wood exchange rate (and
you're buying an all wood item) and you're actually getting a good
deal, 2 gold pieces below market value.

Hmm...gonna have to put some thought into this.  Thanks.

- Brian
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